Self-Compassion Exercise #2

This is the second self-compassion exercise in my “build your self-compassion” mini series. If you didn’t catch the first one, you can find it here.

Exercise #2 is below!


Think of a situation in your life right now that is causing you stress. Focus your mind on the event. Notice if you feel any stress and emotional discomfort in your body.

Now, say to yourself:

  1. This is a moment of suffering – this is mindfulness. Alternatives include “this is stress” or “this hurts”.
  2. Suffering is a part of life – people everywhere are experiencing struggles at the same time as you. That’s life. Remember, other people feel this way, you’re not alone and we all struggle in our lives.

Now, put your hand on your heart. Feel the warmth of your hands and the gentle touch on your chest.

Say to yourself:

3. May I be kind to myself. Ask yourself “what do I need to hear right now to express kindness to myself?” Or “may I give myself the compassion that I need”, “may I learn to accept myself as I am”, “may I forgive myself”, “may I be strong” or “may I be patient”.

This exercise can be used at any time of the day or night and will help you to remember to stop, and show yourself a moment of kindness.

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