2018 is upon us! Now that the chaos of Christmas and New Years is over, it is time to plan how you want 2018 to go. If you’re anything like me, having a plan or goals that I want to achieve throughout the year keeps me on track and feeling productive.

Often people are quick to forget the previous year, wanting to start afresh. If we are so quick to move upwards and onwards, how are we to learn from the experiences of the past? It is really important to stop and reflect on the year that has been, savouring the good, and learning from the not so good.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Reflecting on 2017 – the good things

1. I accomplished __________.
2. I feel good about __________.
3. I took care of myself by __________.
4. I’m grateful for __________.
5. I enjoyed spending time with ___________.
6. A great book/movie was _____________.
7. A happy memory was __________.
8. I was challenged by__________.
9. I learned __________.
10. I felt passionately about _____________.


Reflecting on the tough bits

  1. This year I struggled with __________.
  2. This is how I coped _________.
  3. Because of these tough bits, I learned _______.


Planning the New Year

1. This year I will focus on __________.
2. I want to get to know and strengthen my relationship with ___________.
3. I will connect with others by _______________.
4. I will work on accepting others as they are by __________.
5. I will help others or give back to my community by _____________.
6. I will take care of myself by __________.
7. I will show myself compassion by __________.
8. I will save money for ______________.
9. I will splurge on ____________.
10. This year I want to add more __________ to my life.
11. Every day I plan to __________.
12. My career goals for the coming year are ___________.
13. To be physically healthier, I will _____________.
14. To be mentally healthier, I will _____________.
15. I will ask for support, help, or accountability from _____________.
16. I will check-in with myself to acknowledge my progress and re-assess my goals on ___________. (date)
17. I will treat myself by _________.


It is really important when completing these that you are kind to yourself. If you don’t achieve all you set out to – it doesn’t mean it was a wasted endeavour or a failure. Be persistent and patient.

Keep in mind that these are just some example questions that you could ask yourself. You can make it more specific depending on what you want to achieve, or the areas you want to work on or develop in 2018. Personalise it for you!

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