Getting Your Head Around Health Anxiety

Are you someone who finds themselves constantly worrying about their health? Do you find yourself “Googling” symptoms when you experience any strange sensations in your body, only to be convinced that you are suffering from a serious medical condition?┬áHave you noticed that your efforts to find answers to your symptoms is impacting you in a…Read more »

Meaningful Misery

One of the critical goals of therapy is to learn to acknowledge and express a full range of emotions. All emotions, whether they be positive, negative, pleasant or distressing, serve and important functional purpose in our lives. Often, I encounter clients who are apologetic about expressing negative emotions or discussing the adversities in their life.…Read more »

Staying Positive In A World Of Negative News

There was a time where taking a time out to read the newspaper and have a cup of coffee was a relaxing, enjoyable experience. In an age of evolved news technology, where information about world events is accessible 24/7, most people will keep up to date on current affairs in some form of another. Currently,…Read more »

Mindfulness For The Restless

We all know that mindfulness is a great tool to calm that awful mind chatter, improve concentration, focus, manage anxiety and help reduce stress. Research has shown that mindfulness influences parts of the brain that are directly related to emotional regulation and relaxation. As mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular, there are more and more fantastic…Read more »